Become a Celebrity Almost Overnight Hosting Your Own Network Television Show

FINALLY - a training designed SPECIFICALLY for celebrities, influencers, experts, business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors who are committed to changing the world with their message... AND ready for global profits.

Create, Produce, Distribute, and PROFIT With Your Own TV Show

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I've proven the model by taking the Wake Up! TV show from just an idea to on the air in less than 4 months.
If you think you should be on TV now is your chance!

The Program starts June 30 at 3pm PST!

Hear from Kate McKay and Derek Zagami about their experience working with Crowded Reality, the platform I founded, and my show design process!

Imagine - In Just 12 Weeks, You'll Be Ready to Start Shooting Your Own TV Show!

It's Time to Step Into the Spotlight With a TV Show that you LOVE, Sponsors That Throw Money at You, and Distribution Outlets Begging to Air Your Show.

If you're anything like me, you started your business to make a positive impact on the world and to share your gifts. However, while your business is profitable, your message may still be getting lost in the noise.

You're ready to step into the spotlight but you're not sure how. 

If any of this rings true, then I'd like to invite you to the TV Show 101 program!


In the TV Show 101 Program...

You can go from an idea to READY TO SHOOT with this intensive program:


Everyone has an idea for a reality show, but not everyone knows how to design one from the ground up for maximum audience appeal and to attract sponsors.

• Design a show targetting the most profitable audience
• Plan around your lifestyle for easy integration
• Learn how to attract celebrities to your show


Owning a camera does not make someone qualified to produce a television show. Knowing what contracts you need, how to interview prospective crew, and what facets of your production you need to directly supervise will save you more than just thousands of dollars!

• Walk through of all relevant contracts
• Use our template interview process for crew
• Swipe my timelines, schedules, and budgets for success


In today's streaming world there a million options to distribute your content, but sponsors are still swayed by the allure of broadcast. In this program we show you the secret passage into the networks to get them to notice and say yes.

• Perfect your pitch package
• Evaluate your talents global appeal
• Slice and dice your rights to multiply your opportunities


Don't leave money on the table! Your show can create you multiple revenue streams, as well as huge exposure that will boost your primary business bottom line! 

• Get sponsors to pay for it all
• Close ad sales for ongoing revenue
• Partner with influencers to drive opt-ins for even more back end profits

Rock-A-Thon creator fiZ Anthony shares what it's like to work with Adryenn Ashley.

Now It's Your Turn to Shine!

As a business expert, you’ve done it all, blogging about your topic, being a guest on Blog Talk Radio shows, participating in tweet chats, and it works.

You get to show your expertise to your ideal audience. You’ve probably even done the media circuit a time or two. 

But you know you were meant for more!

And in today’s media marketplace, your buyers want to know more about who YOU really are.

They want to feel like they know you on a personal level. and trust me, nothing does that faster than a talk show!

You will finish with everything you need to get your own TV talk show done and seen by YOUR audience, to drive more business to your bottom line! 

This is a small group, and limited spaces are available! Only $2750 for the entire program! You can take the class from anywhere!

YES! I'm Ready to Shine!

What People Are Saying:

"Adryenn knows how to get noticed. Whether it's in the boardroom or on TV, you can count on her to deliver great ideas for promoting your product or service. She is incredibly savvy in all aspects of media - from production through promotion. I confidently and highly recommend Adryenn!"
Claire Fontana, PitchAgent

"Adryenn is an incredible creative talent. "WOW is me" describes how you will react after working with her to bring your business to the next level of exposure. I recommend her highly and warn you to get lots of sleep to be able to keep up with the ideas she comes up with to help you take it there."
Gail Foland, Krav Maga

Get Started Now!

I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through the process of designing the perfect show to put your expertise in the spotlight!


Limited Seats Available! Don't Miss Your Opportunity!
This LIVE group program is 12 weeks, every Tuesday, June 30 – September 15, 2015 from 3-5pm PST. 

Yes Adryenn! I'm Ready To Be A TV Star NOW!
"Explode Your Business To A Much Higher Level"

"With extraordinary energy, laser focus, boundless enthusiasm, innate intelligence and keen intuition, Adryenn is possessed of an uncanny instinct and creative ability to quickly find the core value, opportunity and marketing strategy that will explode a business to a much higher level. And she makes it fun ! I'm grateful for having discovered the 'wow' factor that is Adryenn."

- Gary Goldstein - Producer of Pretty Woman, Under Seige and The Mothman Prophecies

Learn from a leading EXPERT in the Future of Television

Featured On

In just 12 weeks you will walk away with:

• A Marketing Strategy to find the hottest topics and niches that will excite your audience

• How to identify your perfect partners and bring on team members to share the load

Resources to shortcut your production time:
     • Contracts for distribution
     • Secret rate cards to distribute for less
     • Shooting locations around the country  (greenscreen and in studio)

Technical Guides to get it done without wasting precious budget dollars

Crew Management including how to hire

Talent Management including how to attract the best guests

Sponsorship and Advertiser Acquisition so you can pay for it all

Weekly Calls to guide you in the process and answer any questions you have

Private Group Forum for instant access and support

Expert Interviews and Access so you know who you need on your team

Legal and Trademark Resources so you don’t create a stealable asset

Promotion Strategies to let the world know who you are and what you are talking about

• And so much more


Guest Experts Pull Back The Curtain

In these all access interviews, industry insiders reveal their secrets to success.

Jonathon Barbato

Co-founder of RipeTV, a hot OTT platform, Jonathon knows digital strategy. As Head of Marketing for Starz Movie Channel he was responsible for a $30 million consumer marketing budget to promote Starz Movie Channel’s 7 networks in cable leading a team of forty-five employees. Barbato also launched Starz on Demand. Before Starz, as Head of Marketing for MGM TV, Barbato launched the first website for a major Studio in 1995 and launched 7 new first-run syndicated series. 

Sarah Browne

Sarah Browne is an award-winning consumer insights strategist, writer, and expert advisor on trends, innovation and emerging cultural change. A serial entrepreneur, she loves to be in-the-trenches, taking seed stage products from concept to commercialization. A digital pro since her days as one of AOL’s first Greenhouse (incubator) Partners, she’s brought her creative and consumer insights expertise to companies from global giants to start-ups and small businesses. 

Shelia Conlin

Shelia Conlin has functioned in virtually every aspect of production: executive producer, producer, story producer, line producer, production manager, and director of talent development and research, and is the casting director of some of the most successful reality series for primetime networks. She is considered a trailblazer in the reality television genre for her role in defining the criteria and developing the systems needed to bring real people to the TV screen.

Richard Zimmer

Richard Zimmer's award-winning work encompasses the television, feature film, advertising, design, commercial advertising, identity branding, and online media. One of the first graduates of the Computer Art department at the School of Visual Arts, Rich's career began working for film poster design agencies, as well as stock photo agencies and design studios before founding [zdi]. A veteran of print, digital and motion graphics, you can often see Rich's work when you're home watching the latest network shows on Television.

Sandra Dee Robinson

Starting her career at 11, to becoming Miss Pennsylvania USA and landing her first leading role on national TV at 17, to excelling in her industry with two decades of leading roles on Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and the Emmy- nominated web series The Bay. Sandra Dee's secret struggles with extreme shyness during that time, especially when called up on to "be herself" as a host, speaker or spokesperson during live events, drove her on a quest to overcome the phobia of public speaking and presentation. 

Debbie Horovitch

Debbie Horovitch is the owner and founder of the #Social Sparkle and Shine Agency, with 20 years of experience of working for Toronto ad agencies and media channels, as a traditional media buying & sales specialist, Debbie has developed an understanding for how traditional media channels thrive: optimizing their content for the consumers, and selling advertising opportunities for sponsors. Horovitch is the coauthor of The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social.


Bonus #1

Personal Introductions From Me - To Your Top 5 Prospects

Mix, Mingle & Make Magic!

When you have completed your 12 weeks and your show is ready to pitch, I'll introduce you to the best prospects for sponsorship and distribution for your project!

Bonus #2

Templates to Fast Track Your Show Production

Create Your TV Pitch FAST

No more searching for what you need, just follow the step by step action guide and you'll be fast tracking your show onto the air!

From format to writing prompts, you'll understand the reason behind each page in your pitch package.

I'll also include the pitches from some of the top show's and highlight the key features that got them a green light!

Adryenn, I'm Ready To Get My TV Show On The Air!

I'm tired of waiting for somebody to discover me, and ready to be a star!

I understand that this class will walk me through everything I need to know in order to design my tv show and show me how to present it to attract sponsors and distribution!

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